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Hi, I'm Michael Marinaccio

As CEO of Magnitude Consulting, Michael draws on fifteen years of experience as a strategist, designer, and developer. He most recently worked as COO for Data Trust. Prior to 2019, Michael helped run Adam Putnam's gubernatorial race in Florida and served as senior digital director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Working for Thom Tillis, Michael helped Republicans regain the U.S. Senate in 2014. Then, as the NRSC’s creative director, he maintained the majority in 2016. Michael previously worked for Rep. Bill Shuster in the U.S. House and for Rep. Cory Gardner, Rep. Jason Smith, Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, and others as a fundraiser. He hails from South Carolina and is a New York transplant. Michael currently lives in Virginia with his wife, Libby, and five children.

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Founder & CEO, Magnitude Consulting

Washington, D.C. / 2018 - Current

Over 6 years, my communications company has served dozens of Congressmen, Super PACs, nonprofits, universities, and other companies’ across the country. Whether it's a race, a campaign, or competing companies, I provide all my clients with extensive financial, political, and communications expertise to devise a successful strategy to win. My firm then designs graphics, branding, web, print materials, video, and beyond to put that plan into action.

Sr. Advisor, Catholic University of America (CUA) School of Architecture & Planning

Washington, D.C. / 2023 - Current

I work directly with school’s dean to set long-term vision and organize priorities to position school for growth. Additionally, I oversee all school communications, setting the message, tailoring goals, and executing across multiple platforms.

Advisor, Adrian Smith for Ways & Means

Washington, D.C. / 2021 - 2022

I advised Rep. Smith from start to finish on his branding, messaging, video, and overall execution for the Ways & Means chairman race.

Advisor, Mike Rogers for House Armed Services (HASC)

Washington, D.C. / 2020 - 2022

I constructed all Rep. Roger's member-to-member communication materials for his chairman's race, including branding/design, final presentation and video, and extensive donor gear -- ultimately leading to his chairmanship victory.

Chief Operating Officer, Data Trust

Washington, D.C. / 2019 - 2023

I ran day-to-day operations for a 45+ person, $12MM/year, political data company, setting company vision, making key decisions, and developing overarching goals.

Advisor, Data Trust

Washington, D.C. / 2019

I worked with the CEO to develop impactful designs, presentation, and messaging for top donor communications.

Sr. Advisor, RumbleUp

Washington, D.C. / 2019

I assisted the CEO in advancing his strategic vision on branding, staffing, web development, and marketing. I deployed an extensive paid marketing campaign to increase return on investment from political clients and expand the company's product to new markets.

Deputy Campaign Manager, Putnam for Governor

Lakeland, FL / 2017 - 2018

I oversaw a statewide campaign for governor, tracking $30MM in staff, media purchases, and infrastructure across three legal entities.

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